There are 10 Alabama Haunted Places That Really Stand Out

There are several Alabama Haunted Places too numerous to mention here, but there are ten that stand out more than the rest.

Some of the numerous places that are believed to be or are confirmed to be haunted, include old mansions, hospitals and asylums, hotels, and even schools.

There can also be bridges, roads, and cemeteries.

The First Five Alabama Haunted Places

The St James Hotel Leads the List of the Alabama Haunted PlacesThe St. James Hotel in Selma

Some of them are located in big cities and some are in extremely small towns.

However, they all have one thing in common; something is definitely there that shouldn’t be.

Here are some of those places.

  • The St. James Hotel in Selma
  • The Gainswood Plantation
  • The Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham
  • The Pickens County Courthouse
  • The Red Lady at Huntington Cottage

The Saint James Hotel

Alabama Haunted Places has to begin with the St. James Hotel located in Selma Alabama.

This historic hotel is located on Water Avenue and dates back to the 1830’s, and is considered to one of, if not, the most haunted hotels in the entire state.

It sets basically in the middle of the historic district in downtown Selma and overlooks the famous Alabama River.

When it first opened, it was known as the “Brantley Hotel” and was a very popular spot for the Union troops during the famous “Battle of Selma”.

Right after the war, it was operated by the first African American ever elected to the United States Congress, Benjamin Sterling Turner.

There are numerous stories and old legends that he was friends with and hosted two legendary western figures; Frank and Jesse James in 1861.

However, just one year later in 1862, Mr. Turner experienced some difficulties, and the hotel was closed.

It stayed closed for over 100 years when it reopened at the St James Hotel.

Some of the most famous hauntings include the ghost of Jesse James along with his girlfriend Lucinda.

There have been way too many people to ignore, that they have seen a man dressed in 1800’s clothing in the same rooms where Jesse James was reported to have stayed.

This same figure has also been seen by several people at a table in the bar area.

His girlfriend Lucinda was reported to have a perfume that smelled like Lavender, and when she appears the witnesses swear, they have smelled that fragrance. 

There have also been several reports of numerous people seen in the courtyard wearing the same 1800’s type apparel.

The Tree Where Prattvilles Lady In Black is SeenThe Tree Where Prattvilles Lady In Black is Seen

The Gainswood Plantation

Next on the list is the Gainswood Plantation, located in the small town of Demopolis Alabama.

This old plantation home was finished being built on the eve of the Civil War, and is the grandest plantation home ever built in Marengo County.

Like the Saint James, there have been numerous witnesses that have sworn to have seen a ghost of a lady playing the piano in the music room.

This matches perfectly the description of the women that was in charge of running the Plantation home after the death of the owner’s wife, General Whitfield.

The Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham

Next on the list of Alabama Haunted Places is the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, which used to be a pig iron-producing blast furnace.

It operated between the years 1882 to 1971, and there were a number of deaths that occurred while the plant was in operation.

These included men being killed by falling, being pushed to their deaths, or being burned alive by steam explosions.

There again are several stories of people seeing a “burned” man roaming the grounds to this day.

The Pickens County Courthouse

The Pickens County Courthouse is located in Carrollton and is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a former slave, Henry Wells, who was lynched.

He was lynched by a mob of whites after he was wrongly accused of burning down the courthouse.

It was not long after wards, that his face started to show up in the new courthouse, proclaiming his innocence.

There was a hailstorm in the area that broke every pane of glass in the windows, except for the one Mr. Wells face is seen in.

The Red Lady at Huntington College

Next on the list of Alabama Haunted Places is Huntington College, located in Montgomery.

It has been reported again by several witnesses that they have seen a ghost of a “Red” young women at the Pratt Hall, located at the College.  

It was once a Methodist all female college, and people believe that it is the same girl that committed suicide that has been sighted.

The Second Five Alabama Haunted Places

Fort Morgan has some chilling ghost storiesFort Morgan
  • The Richards DAR House
  • Sweetwater Mansion
  • Fort Morgan
  • Moundville Archaeological Park
  • Old Bryce Hospital

The Richard DAR House

This old historic house museum in located in Mobile and is next on the list of Alabama Haunted Places.

This Italianate home was completed in 1860 for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richards.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) operate and maintain the house, and there have been several reported sightings of a ghostly figure in an upstairs bedroom window.

Along with this eerie sighting, witnesses have also heard laughter and children’s voices.

 Sweetwater Mansion

This mansion is located in Florence, and apparently there are still a lot of former residents around, making in next on the list of Alabama Haunted Places. 

Confederate as well as Union soldiers stayed here during the Civil War, and numerous apparitions have been seen.

Along with these ghostly figures there is children’s laughter as well as moving objects.

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan is located in Gulf shores and is named after the Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan.

The fort played a major role in the Battle of Mobile Bay and was used a little during World War I and II.

There have been several eyewitness accounts of strange mists, unusual noises, as well as shadow figures.

There have also been numerous sightings of a young women’s ghost that was reporting drugged and brought to the fort by several men.

She has been seen wandering the grounds looking for justice.

Moundville Archaeological Park

This park sets on the Black Warrior River in Hale County, and today is a museum.

Originally occupied by Native Americans, there are 29 mounds still on the site that are reported to be haunted.

Witness has reported seeing lights coming from the mounds at nights, as well as voices and Indian drums being played.

Old Bruce Hospital

This old hospital was the largest as well as oldest psychiatric facility in the state, and it is the final of the 10 Alabama Haunted Places.

Still in operation with 286 beds, there have also been numerous reports of strange sightings and sounds.

They include items that move on their own, very strange sounds, and very distinct but muffled footsteps with no one around.


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