There Are Several Exciting Huntsville Day Trips

There are numerous Huntsville day trips that are possible in the fast-growing Alabama town, and it includes museums, festivals, as well as historic sites.

Located in Northeastern Alabama, it is the capital seat of Madison country.

Founded in 1805, it was officially incorporated in 1811.

The First List of Huntsville Day Trips to Explore

The Huntsville Space CenterThe Huntsville Space Center

It grew very fast into the nearby hills that are located north of the Tennessee River and begin to add textile mills as well mutation factories in the early days.

However, Huntsville day trips will in almost every case center on the Space industry.

This will include several attractions that are located at its amazing space center.

There are also several other attractions in this modern town that you may not be aware of, and they include the following.

 Here is the first list of Huntsville day trips for you and your family to explore

  • The U.S. Space & Rocket Center
  • The Alabama Constitution Village
  • Burritt on the Mountain
  • The Clay House Museum

 The U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Leading the list of Huntsville day trips is the U.S. Space & Rocket center, which is the home of the US Space Camp, the Aviation Challenge Programs, as well as a Saturn V Rocket.

Huntsville Rocket ExhibitHuntsville Rocket Exhibit

The U. S Space program is a museum that is operated by the State of Alabama, and it showcases not only rockets, it also shows several of our space programs achievements.

It also houses more than 1,500 permanent rockets and space artifacts.

It has been referred to, and rightfully so, as the “largest space museum on earth”.

As one of Huntsville day trips, it is an outstanding way for you and your family to see and learn about the space industry.

The Alabama Constitutional Village

Next on the list is the Alabama Constitutional village, which features eight fully reconstructed Federal style buildings.

These eight buildings include residences, a law office, a land surveyor’s office, a post office, a print shop, and a cabinetmakers office.

The Britt Museum

The Britt Museum is located on Monte Sano Mountain.

It is considered to be more of a regional museum than a local one, and it features a 1950’s mansion as well as several nature trails.

It also has a very interactive and historic park, as well as several scenic overlooks.

The Clay House Museum

The next attraction is the Clay House Museum, which is an antebellum home (pre -Civil War), that was built in the year 1853.

It highlights for visitors the decorative styles that existed up until the mid-1950’s, and has a very extensive porcelain collection.

The Second List of Huntsville Day Trips to Explore

Picture of Downtown HuntsvilleDowntown Huntsville
  • The Harrison Brothers Hardware Store
  • The Huntsville Depot
  • The Huntsville Arts Museum
  • The Veterans Memorial Museum

The Harrison Hardware Store

The 2nd list of Huntsville day trips starts with the Harrison Hardware Store that was originally established in the year 1879.

It is the oldest operating hardware store in the State of Alabama and is still an active store.

However, it is also part museum, and it has volunteers that are skilled at various crafts to answer visitor questions.

The Huntsville Depot

The historic Huntsville depot is located on the Norfolk Southern Railway lines and is the oldest surviving railroad depot in the state of Alabama.

It was completed in the year 1860, and it served as the main station for two different railroad lines: the Charleston as well as the Memphis.

When Huntsville was overrun by Union troops in the Civil War, this depot served as a prison for the Confederate soldiers.

Huntsville City ParkHuntsville City Park

The Huntsville Museum of Art

Next of the list of Huntsville day trips is the City’s Museum of art, and it is located in Big Spring Park.

It held it first exhibition in the year 1973 and it has been in its present location since 1998.

Expanded in 2010 with the Davidson Center, it includes seven new exhibits, Galleries, and four special events facilities.

The Veterans Memorial Museum

The Veterans Memorial Museum has on display a whopping 30 different and very historical military vehicles.

These range in dates going all of the way back to World War I, up until present day. 

One of the vehicles on display is considered to be the oldest jeep in the world.

It also has numerous war artifacts that not only include the Civil war; they also include the Revolutionary war.

There are also several festivals that you can visit during your Huntsville day trips, as well as numerous historical sites.


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