Water Parks in Alabama

Water Parks in Alabama follow the tradition of all the other parks in the nation, as they can go by other names.

These names include water world or aquapark, and they are all places of amusement for all ages and are for families and friends.

They feature water fun in areas like swimming polls, water slides, splash pads, as well as lazy rivers.

However, there can also be areas dedicated to floating, bathing, swimming.

Some of the more modern water playlands may also feature some type of artificial surfing, bodyboarding, or a wave-flow or flow-rider.

These amazing places of water fun have grown in popularity since they were introduced to the country in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

The United States has by far the largest and the most concentrated market in the world, with over 1,000, and dozens opening each year including Alabama.

Alabama Splash AdventureAlabama Splash Adventure

The Water Parks in Alabama

There are numerous Water Parks in Alabama, and here are the first 5 of the 10 most popular.

The First Five

  • Alabama Splash Adventure
  • Waterville USA
  • Point Mallard Park
  • Spring Valley Beach
  • Water World

Alabama Splash Adventure

The first on this list of Water parks in Alabama is the Alabama Splash Adventure, located at 4599 Splash Adventure Parkway, Bessemer.

This wonderful outdoor water park offers you and your family a day packed with thrills, action, adventure, as well as all the cold water and splashes that you can handle.

You can have the thrill of rushing down over 216 feet of both twisting and turning on the “Upsurge”, or if you choose, you can plunge down nearly 50 feet in the total dark into a giant whirlpool bowl on the splash down.

There is also the “Neptune Plunge”, the “Warrior River”, as well as places for children to play.

Waterville USA

Next is Waterville USA, located at 800 West Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores.

This amazing park has everything you and your family or friends need to get thoroughly soaked. 

You can drift slowly down the flowing waters of what’s called the” lazy river”, or ride the endless waves on the “Flow-rider Surf Simulator”.

There are numerous slides for you to enjoy, as well as grabbing a mat and racing down the exciting “Gold Rush”.

There is also the “Great White” slide, the “Jet Stream”, as well as plunging down about 60 feet on the thrilling “Scream-in’ Demon”.

There are also numerous places for small children including the “WAWA World area” that includes tot slides as well as other ways to safely get wet. 

Point Mallard Park

Next on the list of Waterparks in Alabama is point Mallard Park, located at 2901 Point Mallard Drive, Decatur.

This amazing place offers numerous fun activities, including crystal clear pools as well as thrilling slides for you to enjoy.

You can also make a splash in the swells of the “Wave Pool” or you can simply relax on the gentle moving waters on the “Lazy River”.

The children’s area includes features such as the “Squirt Factory” as well as the “Duck Pond”.

The huge pool located here is always quite cool and beautiful, and there are also other things for your enjoyment.

There is a concession stand, a campground, as well as the Point Mallard Golf Course.

And also, do not forget about the “Strike Zone”, which comes complete with batting cages as well as driving ranges.

Spring Valley Beach

Next on the list is Spring Valley Beach, located at 2340 Country Highway 55, in Blountsville, Alabama,

This water park has numerous rides, including the iconic “360 Rush slides”, which is a must try for you and your family.

On this amazing ride, two riders will launch at the same time, and then they will plunge over 50 plus feet to the opposite side of the pool.

There is also the sensation of the “Sidewinder”, or if you have the nerve, you can dare the darkness of the “Black Out”.

The pool located here is a huge two-acre pool, and there is also a kid zone for children of all ages.

There are also picnic areas for you and your family to enjoy.

Water World

Next on the list of Water Parks in Alabama is Water World, located at 401 Recreation Road, Dothan.

The crystal-clear water here offers you and your family adventure filled rides that include body and tube slides, as well as a huge wave poll.

The pool here has a zero-depth entry, so even the small children can play while supervised.

There is also a very large deck area with numerous umbrellas, so you can get shade when it is needed, in the Alabama heat.

Waterville USA Exciting RideWaterville USA Exciting Ride

The Next Five

Here are the next five of the most popular Water Parks in Alabama.

  • Fayette Aquatic Center
  • Red Bay Water Park
  • Southern Adventures
  • Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center
  • Hartselle Aquatic Center

Fayette Aquatic Center

The first on this last list of 5 Waterparks in Alabama, is the Fayette Aquatic Center, located at 218 23rd St. NE, Fayette, Alabama.

This amazing place has something for all ages including towering and very bright colored slides, a very relaxing lazy river, as well as a splash pad for children.

For those that like thrills, there is a huge, twisting slide, that is quite exciting.

The kiddie area in the main pool comes with a play structure as well as a zero-depth entry, making it safe for even small children.

Red Bay Water Park

Next on the list is the Red Bay Water Park, located at 50 2nd Street NW, Red Bay, Alabama.

It is not an extremely large park, but it does have very nice pools with twisting and turning slides.

It is a great park for the entire family or group of friends, and the park offers swimming lessons and is also available for rentals for parties.

Southern Adventures Water ParkSouthern Adventures Water Park

Southern Adventures

Next on the list of Water Parks in Alabama is Southern Adventures, located at 2150 Leeman Ferry Cir. SW, Huntsville, Alabama.

There are numerous activities located in this fun place, including both wet and dry land fun.

In addition to all the pool features, there are two exciting golf courses, a go-kart track, as well as bumper cars.

However, there is also more, as there are batting cages, a climbing wall, an arcade area, as well as a roller coaster simulator and amusement park style rides.

If you want something different, this is the place to go.

Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center Water Park

Next on the list is the Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center Water Park, located at 1636 Field of Dreams Dr., Cullman, Alabama.

This amazing park has something for everyone, ranging from children’s activities to thrill seekers.

For the thrill seekers, there is the “Torque Slide”, which stands over 40 feet high, and on this tube ride you will have numerous twists and turns, and then drop about five feet.

You can also tube down the “Red Slide”, at exciting speeds, as well as the “Yellow Slide”, where you can race your friends or family to the bottom.

For the children there is a 10-foot-long tube slide, as well as a huge dumping bucket that is closing supervised.

The main pool located here has 8 lanes, two diving boards, as well as a Grill and Bristo next to it.

Hartselle Aquatic Center

Last on this list of Water Parks in Alabama is the Hartselle Aquatic Center, located at 450 Nance Ford Road, SW, Hartselle, Alabama.

This Park features thrills and spills for all ages, including the “Drop Slide”, where you and your family will always get a huge splash and a lot of fun.

There is also a huge swimming pool, with numerous diving boards.

The kiddie area of this park has water sprayers, water cannons, as well as water mushrooms, and there is also a huge deck for you to relax on.

However, there is one last new attraction that has to be mentioned, ever though it is not considered to be a Water Park.

The new Montgomery Whitewater is totally different as it offers whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, as well as inflatable kayaking.

If you are more experienced and like a lot of excitement, this may be the place for you.


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