There Are 5 Very Real Mythical Creatures in Alabama 

There have been numerous Mythical Creatures that have reported to been seen in the State of Alabama and on its backroads over the years, and to a lot people they are very, very real.

The reason for this is quite simple; they have seen them several times.

These sightings have taken place all over the state over the years, and if you have seen them or know someone that has, they are not only real; they are frightening.

The State of Alabama has a very rich history that includes the Civil War and Civil Rights, but it also has a very rich history of folklore but seeing these Mythical Creatures in person makes is much more than just folklore.

There are also several reported Haunted Places in this historic state, so it is extremely probable that these are also part of this state’s history.

There are 5 different reported sighting of these “things”, so what exactly are they?

Here is the list of the first three of the “Mythical Creatures” that have been seen on the Alabama Backroads.

Alabama Bigfoot SightingAlabama Bigfoot Sighting

The First Three Mythical Creatures 

  • Bigfoot
  • The Wolf Women of Mobile
  • The Alabama “White Fang”


Leading off the list of Alabama’s Mythical Creatures is the legendary Bigfoot, which has been seen world-wide in dense forest environments and swamps, and this historic state is no different.

In fact, according to the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, based in Evergreen Alabama, there have been sightings of Bigfoot in a whopping 41 of its 67 counties.

The sightings have been so numerous that the television series “Killing Bigfoot”, recently visited the state to investigate the numerous reports.

One of the state’s most interesting reports involved a huge set of claw marks that was made by something much larger than a bear, that was found on a tree in Escambia Country in January of 2017.

However, there have been reports of the elusive creature in this historic state since the 1800’s, with one of the earliest in 1870.

In newspaper articles discover by a Brewton attorney named Chuck Jones, these articles describe a “huge and strange something” that was seen in an impenetrable jungle swap located near Brewton.

These early reports indicated that it looked like a HUGE human that was “grotesque and pitiable” and could not talk.

However, 140 years later, the reports keep rolling in about Bigfoot begin seen, one of them near the Conecuh National Forest.

In this report, a truck driver reported seeing a black hairy “man-like creature close to 7 feet tall, crossing the road directly in front of him.

When he stopped to investigate, there were large footprints found right where he entered the woods.

Soon after that in Andalusia, Alabama, near the same forest, a woman also had a very scary experience.

One evening she was closing her barn doors only to look up and see a frightening sight; a huge creature covered in “orange-tinted hair’ that she estimated weighed over 450 pounds.

There have recently been so many sightings of the legendary Bigfoot near the town of Evergreen, that it has been named the Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.

The Wolf Woman of Mobile AlabamaThe Wolf Woman of Mobile Alabama

The Wolf Woman of Mobile

Next on the list of Mythical Creatures on the Alabama backroads is the “Wolf Woman of Mobile.

In the early weeks of April 1970, people living in the Mobile suburbs of Port City and Plateau started to have some very strange and scary encounters.

These encounters involved a very strange and bizarre creature that was later dubbed “The Wolf Women of Mobile”.

It was described as being half wolf and half woman, and numerous residents began to call the Mobile Register to report it.

On April 8, 1971, the newspaper reported on these stories complete with a drawing of the creature.

The witnesses also described this “Mythical Creature” as somewhat pretty and very hairy, with the top half being woman-like in nature, and the bottom half a real wolf.

Within a week after the reports in the newspaper, it received another 50 plus calls reporting the exact same sightings.

Some of the callers reported they were chased, stalked, and later even saw the thing roaming in their backyard---but always at nights.

They said it would look at them and was extremely beautiful but would then drop down and run on all fours like a wolf.

No one was ever hurt or assaulted by the Wolf Woman of Mobile, but the Mobile and surrounding police departments took the sightings very seriously, because of the sheer number of reports.

However, after about 10 days of the initial sightings the Wolf Woman of Mobile disappeared just as suddenly as she appeared and has never been seen since. 

Sightings like this have been reported throughout history, as either werewolves or as skin walkers.

Werewolves are legendary among Native Americans as are skin walkers, who can transform into an animal for a period of time.

White Thang Of AlabamaWhite Thang Of Alabama

The Alabama White Thang

Next on the list of Mythical Creatures is the Alabama “White Thang”, which has been seen since the early 1940’s in the state.

The “White Fang” has been seen in the counties of Morgan, Etowah, and Jefferson, where the people that have seen it say that it was more than 8 feet tall and covered in dense white hair.

Most of the sightings occurred in the refuge areas of Happy Hallow, Walnut Grove, Moody’s Chapel, and the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.

The witnesses have said that it could move very quickly in spite of its size, and its scream sounded like an eerie women’s scream.

Most people speculate that it is an albino Bigfoot or a very large albino bear, but the reports vary widely.

While most reports described it as over 8 foot tall with thick white hair, some witness describe it more like a white “lion”.

However, perhaps the strangest and weirdest is the description of a very tall white haired creature that resembled a kangaroo, but with the head of a cat.

The witnesses have also indicated that while it stands on two legs, it run on all four.

It is also reported that is has an extremely foul and disguising odor.

In Huntsville Alabama, this term is used to describe a humanoid figure that is spotted hiding in caves or drainage ditches along Jones Valley, Governor’s Drive, and Monte Sano Mountain.

These Mythical Creatures have also been described as having no eyes or no ears.

The Final Two Mythical Creatures 

Huggin Molly MonumentHuggin Molly Monument
  • Huggin Molly
  • The Downey Booger

Huggin Molly

The fourth of the “Mythical Creatures” that can be found along the Alabama Backroads is called “Huggin Molly”.

The legend of this mysterious abnormality began decades ago in the state, and to the children that witnessed this “thing”, it was downright frightening.

First sighted in Abbeville, Alabama, this legend claims that a phantom like women would suddenly appear to children, but ONLY during the nighttime.

Although she would never harm them in any way, but she would grab them, squeeze the very tightly, and then scream into their ears.

What made this creature more bizarre, was that she was said to be over 7 feet tall, always wore dark clothing, and wore an old wide-brimmed hat.

Some people say that she is actually a ghost of a local woman who lost an infant and would deal with the tragedy by hugging the local children.

Long-time locals of Abbeville say this ghost like figure still walks the streets late at night and if she sees you, she chases you down, gives you a hug, and screams in your ear.

They believe that anyone from there knew about Huggin Molly, and their parents used to tell them that if you went out after dark, she would get you.

To this day, the longtime locals believe she could she up at any time, all dressed in black and with a wide-brimmed hat.

The Downey Booger

The final of the “Mythical Creatures” along the Alabama Backroads is the “Downey Booger”, that was first reported in the late 1800’s.

It is said to be a half-animal, half-human that was first reported in Winston County, Alabama, by cousins John and Joe Downey, when they were returning home for a late-night dance.

Reports said they were riding their horses when they suddenly saw a very strange looking creature that leaped out in front of them.

They were reported as saying “it” looked both like a human as well as an animal.

When they started to go back home and approached the area where they saw it, both of their horses came to a complete stop.

No matter what they did their horses would not move forward, so they had to turn and go another way.

Other witnesses also saw the Downey Booger including Jim Jackson, who was on his way to the commissary in Galloway, a mining town, with a load of moonshine with horse drawn wagon.

He suddenly saw this same creature “walking” directly behind his wagon.

His first reaction was to try to outrun it, and then he suddenly remembered his gun lying beside him to fight off would be robbers.

It took his gun and fired twice at the “thing” and hit it, and it immediately began to scream and limp away on three feet.

News soon spread and a posse was formed to find the creature, and they searched the forest to only find traces of blood along the sand bed where the cousins first reported see it.

It was never found, dead or alive.

The Mystical Creatures that have been reported all over the State of Alabama are very, very real to the witnesses that have seen them.


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