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This information helps us understand our customer interests and helps us improve our website.

Privacy Policy Details

The only cookie we place on a visitor's computer is one that tracks first time and repeat visits, and tracks Click IN and Click Through data.

The cookie does not track a visitor's identity or personal information.

This cookie does not store information about the visitors' behavior or preferences, other than which sites they came from (Click IN data provided by Tracker Library links) or visited by clicking on outbound links on your site (Click Through data from links in the Link Library).

We only track those visits in order to report to you, our customer, if the visit is a first-time visit or repeat visit (for a particular page, plus how they came to the site (via Tracker Library links) and how they left the site (if they clicked on links to other sites).

Some links on my site are affiliates, and I receive a commission if you click through any of them and buy.

It is important to note that the price that you will pay thorough an affiliate is the exact same price if you went directly to their website.

This information is stated for full disclosure.

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