There Are Several Exciting Places to Go on Birmingham Day Trips 

The numerous Birmingham day trips can be some of the most enjoyable of all the Alabama backroads trips for several reasons.

The first is the fact that it is centrally located basically in the center of the state, and the second is that it has numerous attractions that cover several categories.

The Swann Covered Bridge in Blount County AlabamaThe Swann Covered Bridge in Blount County Alabama

They include the rich history of iron and its role in the cities early economic development, as well as several natural attractions.

The History of Birmingham

The "Magic" city of Birmingham AlabamaBirmingham Used to Be Called the Magic City

However, there is also the rich history of its role in the civil rights movements.

While it might not be quite as rich in civil rights as Selma or Montgomery, it is a very close second.

Birmingham is within one hour drive from most any other major city in the state, making it a very easy day for almost anyone.    

The Birmingham day trips should always begin with a brief history of the city to help you understand why the attractions or points of interest are historical.

The city of Birmingham is one of the best known and popular cities in the south, and it is the largest city in the state of Alabama.

It is also loaded with historic sites and numerous places of interest.

The land that the city currently sets on was once part of the Creek Nation that was all but destroyed in the Creek wars of 1813-1814, and then again in 1836.

In fact, the vast majority of the early settlers into the area moved onto land that was hunted and farmed by the Creek Indians.

The beginnings of the city itself was founded in the year 1839 as the community of Elyton, but was later changed to Birmingham in the year 1871

It was just barely getting by until the Civil war years, when a massive discovery of iron ore was found in the surrounding mountains.

What is not well known about this city is that the tip or end of the Appalachian mountain range sets in the same valley.

The area really started to boom during the civil war, and a fledging iron industry was built.

However, the Confederate army very quickly seized and took over the industry, as they saw it as a vital source of iron for their weapons.

Combined with the furnaces located in Selma, they built not only several major cannons, but the famed C.S.S Tennessee war ship.

After the war, up to the year 1870, it was best described as a poor, insignificant Southern Village, that was about to die.

However, after the crossing of two major railways was finished in1871, the city began to really take off.

In fact, the growth was so dramatic that it was referred to as the “Magic City”.

Birmingham Day Trips and the Iron Industry 

Downtown BirminghamThe Beautiful City of Birmingham

Here are the Birmingham day trips that will cover and explain the history of the iron industry in the city and the state.

  • The Tannehill Ironwork's Historical State Park
  • The Brierfield Ironwork's Historical State Park
  • The History of Wilson’s Raid of 1865.
  • The Sloss Furnaces
  • The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum

While these trips are extremely educational and interesting, they are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are several other attractions to see.

Here is the next list of Birmingham day trips

  • Cheaha State Park
  • The Coldwater Covered Bridge
  • The Highest Point in Alabama
  • The Montevallo's Forest of Faces
  • The Moss Rock Preserve and Waterfalls
  • Noccalula Falls
  • Peavine Falls
  • The Swann Covered Bridge
  • The Waterfalls of Alabama

 However, there is still more to see.

The Birmingham Day Trips Civil Rights Attractions

The Civil Rights Statue in Birmingham AlabamaBirmingham Civil Rights Statue

Here is the list of the Civil rights attractions to see in the city.

  •  The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  • The Kelly Ingram Park
  • The 16th Street Baptist Church
  • The Bethel Baptist Church
  • Dynamite Hill

While this list is quite extensive, here are the next and final lists that make the city one of the top Alabama backroad attractions in the entire state.

  • The Birmingham Zoo
  • The McWane Science Center
  • The Birmingham Museum of Art
  • The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
  • The Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • The Ruffner Mountain Nature Center

This list of attractions and historic places and events is still not all conclusive, but it makes a very good starter list for your Birmingham day trips list.


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